Synergy+ Share a Single Mouse and Keyboard Between Multiple Computers

During my search for a software to make me share a single mouse and keyboard across my 4 work stations instead of buying a KVM, I came across with this wonderful open source software which is called “Synergy+ (synergy-plus)”. Synergy+ lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, without special hardware. All you need is a LAN connection. It’s intended for users with multiple computers, where each system uses its own display. It’s a little like having a 2nd or a 3rd desktop.
Synergy+ is free open source software. It’s not a KVM or VNC tool, but it does achieve similar results (but with added convenience). No need to press any buttons when you want to change desktops, and your keyboard input goes to the same screen that your mouse cursor is on.

Intresting features:

  • Move your mouse easily between computers.
  • Requires nothing other than existing Ethernet.
  • Copy and paste between your computers
  • No need to press any buttons (unlike KVM)
  • You can still use multiple monitors on the same computer
  • Lock the mouse to one screen temporarily (useful for games)

Synergy plus is currently available for Windows, Linux, & Mac operating systems at: Synergy+ Project Page hosting on Google Code.


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